Tuesday, June 21, 2011


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Tina Lear

Last week, on June 16th, Elena (my partner of eight years) and I were married at City Hall in Toronto, Ontario. Elena had not really been a big fan of the marriage thing, not seeing why it was necessary or how it would change anything between us. In the deeper sense, it doesn't change anything fundamental about the relationship; and it isn't necessary to be married for a relationship to be solid and meaningful. I get that. But something about saying those vows in the presence of witnesses, and signing our names on a government-recognized certificate...something about having everyone smile at us as we walked to the restaurant in our wedding finery, people yelling "Congratulations!" from their car windows as they drove by...something about knowing that, at least in Canada, we were just like any other newly-married couple, and pretty much everyone wished us well...it made a difference. A big difference. Even Elena felt it. We have a ways to go in this country, but we'll get there. I hope in my lifetime. In your lifetime, Tony. In time for you to really enjoy it, Mickey Mouse pancakes and all. :-)

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